We're here to review the best fuel injector cleaner currently available

Working Car EngineEveryone who’s owned a car knows that age old problem, how do you keep it running at its peak? Well you buy the best fuel injector cleaner in order to ensure that your engine keeps purring throughout the vehicles life time. On this site we will be reviewing all of the best fuel injector cleaning products and the best fuel injector cleaning kits that go with it. Now you never have to go without keeping your engine in tip-top condition.

Can I use an injector cleaner with an old car?

These items can be used on an older car which is starting to show signs of wear and tear that you’d like to restore to its former glory or a new model that you want to keep in great shape throughout its life. Some times it can get quite confusing with which cleaning product is best for you considering there is so many available on the internet thats why we’re here to help. Below are our top 3 best selling cleaning products

Best Selling Fuel Injector Cleaners

Do fuel injector cleaners work?

Fuel injectors have been specifically designed to deliver high pressure dose of fuel into your intake which will then create a small explosive mixture which will then power your vehicle. As you use your vehicle over time you’ll begin to get deposits forming on your fuel injectors reducing their efficiency and eventually causing malfunctions. It doesn’t matter if its not even clogged completely, any small obstruction will reduce the efficiency of your vehicle over time. In fact just by using a fuel injector cleaner you will reduce the amount of fuel you burn as your car will be running much more efficiently and with the rising cost in fuel this is definitely something you want to be saving on.

Range of fuel injector cleaners

In order to keep your injector running perfectly you will need to remove any of the deposits that have started to form around your fuel injectors. Fortunately all of the fuel injectors on this site have been designed specifically to remove any build up of carbon and return your vehicle’s fuel system back to its peak.

Why should I use a fuel injector cleaner?

Why should you use a fuel injector cleanerThere are numerous benefits to regularly using a fuel injector cleaner, you can expect a much smoother drive with the engine feeling much more powerful, your engine will become more efficient and drivers have noticed that there is smoother idling, an enhanced response to the throttle and a reduction in cranking time.

As vehicles get older their drivers will generally experience a loss in performance and the majority of people would attribute this to their vehicles age, but this isn’t always true a lot of these performance issues are down to a build up of carbon deposits something that can be prevented by using a good fuel injector cleaner.

There are plenty of different factors that affect the deterioration of a car over time but using a fuel cleaner is just one of the many preventative methods that can be used along with changing your spark plugs, oil in the engine and air filters will keep your car running as smooth as possible.

Fuel Injection System

Fuel injector cleaners have been designed to improve your cars mileage, lower the emissions that are produced and maximise the engines performance without causing any unnecessary damage to any of the other components inside a car.

So if you want to keep your engine factory fresh and your car running like the day you bought it you should look into a good fuel injector cleaner in order to keep it running smoothly.

How to use a fuel injector cleaner

Fortunately the liquids on site are incredible easy house when cleaning out your fuel injector, the majority of fluids you will be able to add directly into your gas tank. However don’t add on a full tank make sure you get it close to empty and then add the amount said on the bottle after you have filled the tank up. We always advise to read the bottle before using as each product may differ some prefer to go in before filling up others work best when used after filling your tank up.

Now depending on the original condition of your engine you may have to either purchase a stronger cleaner or use a weaker one multiple times in order to remove any built up carbon on your fuel injectors. Once cleaned we would definitely advise to implement a maintenance program which will be used every 3 x you fill up your gas.

Each cleaning product will have different dosages required as some will be more powerful than others, if you’re worried about using too much then don’t, all of the cleaners on site have a very high tolerance meaning you will have to use an awful lot to damage your engine. As we’ve said before though make sure you read up on your product before using it.

Depending on the model of the car you may have to use more or less, a lot of older cars tend to use something known as a carburettor which wont utilise the cleaner as well as the new models. Also cars which operate on diesel fuel will actually need to use a specific type of cleaner and a different method. However one good note about diesel engines is that their fuel injectors will stay cleaner for a much longer period of time. On each of our reviews we will specify what fuel type they are specified for so you can make the correct decision when purchasing your product